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Everyone who hears “Vintage Kilo Sale” for the first time asks himself: how does it work? And what does vintage clothing have to do with kilos? Shopping for clothes at a price per kilo has been known in various countries for quite some time. Not in Switzerland though.

It’s actually quite simple: you like something off the rack and you want to know what it costs? Put it on the scale, this will show you the price. Funny, right? At the Vintage Kilo Sale you can buy low to high branded vintage and second hand clothing at an average price of CHF 60 per kilo. (Despite the accessories, you can get these at a very good unit price.)

The same concept works for the online shop, except that there are different price ranges per kilo and prices are already calculated.

Explore now the online Vintage Heaven of Switzerland!

Get inspired

Our Vintage Kilo Sale is not just about shopping. It’s an experience you can share with your vintage friends. It’s an event for people who are passionate about trendy, sustainable and affordable fashion. At our events you can go through thousands of Vintage items accompanied by music and drinks, while discovering how each piece has its own history.

Let yourself be guided and inspired by Veintage Revive’s event gallery.

Vintage Kilo Sales
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Different Cities

Like many other businesses in the world, mine started at an unexpected moment. It was during a city trip in a vintage shop where it all began. I was in a vintage shopping rush during that city trip. When I get back to Switzerland, I quickly missed the vintage shops that also
made me think why there were not so many opportunities to buy vintage stuff in Switzerland.

For me it was the perfect alternative to fast fashion brands that I could not buy for sustainable and ethical reasons. 2 months later, in December 2018, I had about 500 vintage pieces on 12 clothes racks in my living room, which I tried to sort out for my first pop-up event in Zurich. The people who attended the event spread a positive aura. They took pleasure in the vintage clothes. They shared the same passion as me: vintage clothes! I did not want to miss these moments anymore.

I organized 6 more events in the cities of Zurich, Bern, Baden and Lugano, and tried to increase the range of clothes at each event. Small surveys on social media helped me find out which clothes were most in demand among the customers. After each survey, I searched for specific pieces, which was great fun, and still is!

Up to 1000 people visited the Vintage Kilo Sale in December 2019. The atmosphere was unbeatable!

Already at the turn of the year I noticed that this year I want to dedicate 100% of my passion for vintage clothing and sustainable fashion. Another 5 events followed at the beginning of the year in St. Gallen, Bern, Geneva and Baden. Up to 1.8 tons of vintage clothing were on sale per event. In order to offer vintage shopping to more customers who, for example, cannot make it to an event or are otherwise prevented from participating, I decided to open an online shop.

Because of the Covid19 all further events in spring had to be cancelled…but we, we Vintagelovers – we always remain optimistic? I am looking forward to see you soon at a Vintage Kilo Sale and we will enjoy it all the more together.

Send you love and hugs, your Vela!

Discover our next events

Discover our next events